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 BlackmetalTR - Kult ov azazel

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Kult ov azazel   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:23 pm

1 - Kult ov Azazel; what was the thing that made you play
black metal? Could you tell us the history of the band?

Xaphan: Speaking only for myself it was Venom. When I
heard them in 1984 I knew at that point I wanted to at some day play a form of
music like they were doing. That being extreme metal combined with satanic
lyrics. It wouldn’t be until 1999 when this materialized. I
n ’99 I met Xul and we formed a band under the name of
Azazel. As Azazel we released a promo tape titled Forever Heaven Gone and then
a self released mCD titled Order of the Fly. In 2000 we changed the name to
Kult ov Azazel, released another promo tape titled Of Evil and Hatred and have
since done numerous split releases with the likes of Krieg, Obitus,
Humanicide, Thy Lord, Satan’s Blood, Horn of Valere and Vrolok. Been on
many compilations, released a live album titled Assaulting the Masses and 4
studio albums to date which are Triumph of Fire, Oculus Infernum , The World,
The Flesh & The Devil and Destroying The Sacred.

2 - Do you see any differance when you look your first album "Order of the
Fly" after so many years?

Definitely. We have matured over the years with
everything, our playing, our performance and our writing abilities. It’s
only expected that we would get better over time and we’ve had almost 10
years to fine tune our style.

3 - Nocturath has left the band in 2004, VJS joined instead of him but he's
gone in 2005 too... How did that changes effect the band? What is the latest
positions of members?

It never affected the band. From 1999 to 2003 we were a
three piece and on top of that I have always been the main songwriter. Both
Nocturath and VJS were and still are close friends with us but after the
departure of Nocturath and then of VJS I made the decision to keep the band a 3
piece. Writing and recording as a 3 piece keeps the process simple yet when it
comes to shows we have a few different guys that fill the spot of second
guitarist, VJS being on that list. The current lineup is Xul on bass/vocals,
Hammer on drums and myself on guitar/vocals.

4 - You attended "The Swarm of Eternal Blackness" tour. After that,
you recorded 2 splits. Firstly, how was the tour? Is it possible to say that
you launched that 2 splits as a back demand of that tour?

That tour had its ups and downs. It was our first time on
the west coast of the USA which was killer. It was also the first as
headliners. Overall it was too short but we left a scorched path of
destruction, blood and blasphemy from San Diego, CA to the US/Canadian border
where we were denied entry and had to cancel the last show in Vancouver, Canada
. The splits were actually planned before that tour was booked. We went into
the studio the day after we returned from the tour and recorded the songs used
on those two splits.

5 - As we were waiting "Destroying the Sacred" at December 2008, we heard
that it's been hung up March 2009. What is the reason for that delay? Should we
wait a more detailed album?

It’s a long story but basically we were scheduled
to record August/September 2008 and things came up that made us reschedule for
October/November 2008. That’s why the release got delayed and pushed
back. It’s been delayed a little longer now. We were just informed by our
label a month ago that the US distributor had refused to distribute the CD due
to the cover. So now the release is scheduled for a June 2 for the USA.
I’m unsure if Arctic Music will have any European distribution on this
release or not.

6 - What are the reasons of your hate for "humanity" and
"religion"? What is your idea about "RELIGION"?

Religion is a sham. All ways has been and will continue
to be so. Religion is a tool to control and manipulate, plain and simple. My
disdain for humanity stems from my hatred of religion. Because of brainwashing
and conditioning the majority of humanity are useless pieces of shit.

7 - Does the band have any missions?

The only mission of this band is to create extreme music
that expresses heretical ideas and ideals lyrically.

8 - Do you know anything about Turkish Black Metal bands or about Turkey?

I am familiar with Turkey’s past, the different
empires and such. Outside of that I do not know much about modern Turkey or
it’s metal scene.

9 - You shared same stage with Horna if I'm right. How were the concerts? What
were reactions of the fans?

Nope, we were confirmed to do that tour but we had to
reschedule our studio time so it was going to conflict time wise with doing
that tour. So it was either do the tour or record the album. I really was
looking forward to sharing the stage with Horna but we had no option really. It
was get the album done and hope for an opportunity like that to come back
around again.

10 - What are the first 3 words when you think about "black metal"

Kult ov Azazel. I’m only joking. The words black
metal conjure up blasphemy, evil and hatred.

11 - Do you have any bands to take as an example? Or can you say you are a fan
of "xxx" band?

I’m a huge fan of Venom as stated earlier and
Darkthrone. Those are the two bands that have influenced me the most even
though it cannot be heard in our music. Other than those two there are many
other bands that have inspired me such as and not only limited to Possessed,
Celtic Frost & Hellhammer, Sodom, Destruction, Bathory from the 80’s
and from the 90’s Beherit, Profanatica & Havohej, Krieg. Also being a
musician I am also a fan of other genres of music other than just black metal
that have been influential indirectly.

12 - What can you say about American black metal bands? Can
you suggest some?

I can’t say anything about it. I haven’t paid
any attention to what is happening here in America black metal wise since 2003
or so.

13 - Thanks for spending time for answering my questions. Hope to see you
playing in Turkey. Stay hard!

Thanks for the interview and exposure in Turkey. Look
forward to the day we are able to play there. Kult ov Azazel releases and
contact can be made through

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BlackmetalTR - Kult ov azazel
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