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 BlackmetalTR - Opera IX

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Baş Zebani

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Opera IX   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:19 pm

1- Opera IX is an Italian band which has been active in musical area
since 88. First of all speaking about Opera IX since you have started
to playing music to this day. Could you describe Opera IX brieflly
since that time to this time?

The first years were difficult,
especially for a particular and extreme band as Opera IX is. There were
the first productions, the first concerts, and a hard work to promote a
band when Internet and other mass media didn’t exist at all.
Fortunately the true fans already existed, and the ones who believed in
extreme music almost as a religious for, and not only to create
business and exhibitionism.
In the Opera IX history has changed many
things .... I should tell you part of my life and now it is very long
to write this for you.Part of this story is publisched in the DVD.

IX a band which has been struggling on member changing since been
active. What is the general reasons of this situation? Were there any
effect of changing genre of band on changing members?

The ideology
in Opera Ix is very important.Witchcraft and paganism is not a joke for
us and is not a mask for a thater commedy, so if you are not seriously
you can not play in the Opera IX band.There have been many difficulties
but I think it is normal to evolve in this style.The people change but
if the spirit remains unchanged, the band will be eternal.

Bard has joined to members of band in 93 who has experience in
classical music and he made wonders for he music with his keyboard. So
that the album named “The Call of The Wood” that you have released in
95 which is the best example of that was in a big request in
underground market and shortly after Triskent joined the band insead of
Silent Bard. What was the most basic reason of this situation?

Bard was came crazy and Trisken left the band to devote himself to his
private life...extreme music and witchcraft was not for them.

You started to playing music with Occult Metal after it converted to
death doom genres and with Sacro Culto we can say you started to Epic
Black Metal. What is the reason of changing of your genre this much? Is
this to can not retrieve the suitable genre that you can describe

Is only a normal evolution.

5- You have
experienced firm changing with your member changing. Firm is an
important thing as well as album works. What was the incomes of
changing firm?

Sometimes the work of the labels was not professional and was not good for the really promotion of the band.
So we have always find the best label and now we are looking for a label that believes in us.

leaving of Cadaveria made a bad effect on most of Opera IX listeners. A
part of them coudn’t adopt the new cadre, a part of them has adopted.
Taking of your opinions about this situations.

Damn it!!!Try to
listen what they do Opera IX and Cadaveria today .... you can hear the
difference ... how they could live two ideas and spirituality
completely different?
Don't look only the apparence but you must always see inside all the band.

the beginnings there was histories supernatural events and superhuman
objects in your lyrics. But With the Call of the Wood Paganism has
started to dominate. Talking about the content of band a bit.

lyrics spread from the deep of our soul. Often are our ancestor’s
spirits who honour us with ancient visions in our dreams, and give us
arcane symbols to study and to know the past of our land and of our
people, but most of all the primordial forces that we humans simlpy
call “Gods”. Some things have been handed down by books and
mythological tales, but not everything has been written, and most of it
has been erased by the one God religion.

8-We can see from
albums that you attach importance to power of nature and dominance of
human’s wisdom and spirit. What is the sacred opinions of Opera IX?

To returning in the Ancient and Old religion!!!!

9- And what about live performances? Does any show that you set for listeners in concerts. How are the reactions?

Aleays was great-darck and magically!!!

You have release latest album “Anpishbena” in 2004. And in 2007 you
have released a vest of/compliation album. When will the band
accelerate on new works?

Now was out the DVD and in the autumn of this year we start the recording of the new album.

11- Talking about the stairs of formation of Opera IX2s music. Who are the creators of the lyrics?

the past i writed all the lyrics, for your curiosity Cadaveria writed
only one lyric "Carnal deligth in the vortex of evil" from The black
Now M help me to writhe the new lyrics.

12- Do you know any band from Turkey? Do you follow our market?

sorry but i dont know nothing.Some contact only with My space but now i
dont remeber the names...i think a all female band.

13- Which
Old School bands that Opera IX listens? Which names that is inspiration
for Opera IX? Names that you think does their job good.

Celtic Frost and King Diamond up at all and the first Death SS.

14- Thanks for your patient. Eventually taking your messages for BlackmetalTR members.

Thank you for the support and the time for Opera IX.
May the Ancient Gods be with you

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BlackmetalTR - Opera IX
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