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 BlackmetalTR - Nocturnal Depression

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Nocturnal Depression   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:09 pm

1 - Nocturnal Depression has been on Black Metal stage since 2004 and still hasn’t made concessions from its class. You have a great number of fans. What can make people listening you?

H.Suizid : People find a bittersweet ambient no ND’s music. Maybe a mix between Doom and Black Metal , no heavy atmosphere or speed tracks. The all make a classic symphony played by sad guys. People listening to our music find themselves into the melodies. You need a special kind of thoughts for hearing everything hidden into. Maybe it’s elitist…

2 - There are lots of Deppressive Black Metal bands but we can choose easily Nocturnal Depression among others.What is the reason for that? And do you think the increase in number of Depressive Black Metal bands caused any loss from underground spirit? Or that’s what it should be?

We play a particular stuff maybe not enough Black Metal for the purist, not brutal for everybody… but we don’t care. The reason of choosing ND…I don’t know. We don’t write songs and play them to get popularity. Concerning the emergence of the DBM I think the problem is you can “easily” formed an one-man-band. If you put away all electronic drums then there are half of band who disappear. Underground spirit is no more in any kind of Black Metal and more than everything in France.

3 - How do you prepare yourself before writing lyrics…

Everything is done with a specific mood.

4 - Do you think you are transposing feelings that you committed in your songs as you wanted?

Of course, in other way we couldn’t continue to express ourselves. This is why you got to be on a pessimistic thought. If your life is wonderful you will find ND very boring and shitty.

5 - Could you share your favourite bands or musicians with us?

I really like all the works Forgotten Tomb makes. Livor Mortis from Belgium and Kaiserreich from Italy are playing a great black metal. Also all projects of Nd’s members are interesting in other they couldn’t introduce to our band.

6 - France is the country of good black metal bands. Especially for last few years, really good things happenning in France, in the name of black metal… Could you tell us your opinion?

Maybe in Music but on thoughts and minds it’s nothing about quality. Just make a gig in France you will see that Underground bands don’t make come people. Inquisition and Inferno as example have played in front of 50 people. Let me laugh, even cult bands are not welcomed by French crowd. So French play maybe a great Black Metal but are not a public example to be followed.

7 - What can you say about Turkish black metal bands? Are there any of them that you follow?

I don’t know any band from Turkey. I don’t care to know from where bands are coming in fact. If I remember well, metalheads from Turkey are real maniacs and live in the real Underground. A great kind of thoughts in our stile to be in “parallel world” of the well thinking society lead by religions.

8 - Are you planning to come Turkey for a live performance?

Why not. Unfortunately we don’t have relation with gig organization there but we hope one day to spread the depression on your lands.

9 - Your last album ”Reflections of a Sad Soul” is nothing but impressive, at least as impressive as others..When I listened this album I said ‘It isn’t different than others, there is a strict line that you follow on your music.What does it depend on in your opinion?

We like to play this kind of music, so we continue like this because it’s what we love. We put also a more speed track into this cd and that’s funny cause advices prefer basic ND tracks than news. Well we all know that listeners would like to hear Darktrone still playing stuff like “A Blaze In the Northern sky” during 20 years but artists had an evolution. So maybe you like the new, maybe you don’t like that’s no importance. We play something like a Black/Dark /Doom metal not variety for money.

10 - How is your daily life? What do you do out of music?

Life is very shitty and boring. I do nothing particular out of music cause it’s a part of me. Just a few reading…

11 - Do you think there are something that shouldn’t be in Black Metal genre? Anything annoying you..?

Too many things but I can’t speak about it. ND has a great and very important black metal touch but doesn’t appear on a true old school culture. I don’t like at all Black Metal with flutes and any kind of these things.

12 - And your last word to Blackmetaltr members…

Thanx for the interview. Be loyal to your thoughts and fuck the others

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BlackmetalTR - Nocturnal Depression
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