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 BlackmetalTR - Gehenna

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Gehenna   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:54 pm

1 Can you describe to us who is Gehenna, until your first band?have you ever had change your musical style?

Gehenna is Dolgar (bass voice), Dirge Rep (drums), Sanrabb (Guitar, backing voice)and Amok (guitar). We have existed since 1993 and play True Norwegian Black Metal in our own interpretation of the genre. We have changed directions along the way but still kept that unique Gehenna Feeling to the music and lyrics and art.

2 Gehenna gave many concerts until now may we say Gehenna is a concert group?

Yes, we definitely are, but in our creation of music we don’t think about how this will be “live” we have no control of this the songs come and manifest as they want to.

3 ıf ı don’t mistake frost played with you?what did his aid to you?did you keep in touch with him?and your keyboarder had playing with you at Satyricon concert is he playing with you now?

Frost did session drums for WW and his work is great, and we are very satisfied with the result of this album.
Kine played with Satyricon yes, but she is no longer part of Gehenna or Satyricon.

4 Svartalv left from your group before 3.record.than get in his stead Noctifer and left from your group before didn’t round record him too. did it effect you?

Svartalv moved to another city and was difficult for him to stay active in the band, Noctifer joined and left was replaced by EN Death , we are satisfied with how the bass turned out on the recordings regardless of how the situation was.

5 you started to affect death metal after damiean N blod joined da band. do they have a major role about this evulotion_?

The whole band took another approach after several of the original member left, and took on a more DM way, it was a choice of the groups musical creators that this happened not because of the member although bands change a little especially after a drummer is replaced and his style effects the musical manifestation.

6 we heart that you removed new album in 2007 but didn’t..what is the reason?

We are still working on a new album , it will arrive sometime in the future and we hope to record and release in 2009.

7 why you chose the name of Gehenna?you have got a lot of imitator,did it annoy you?

Its just a blasphemous name we really like, and we are worshipers of the energies and power of Hell.

8 what is your favorite group or record?

Impaled Nazareene - Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz LP

9 ıf you will do a cover what is your choosing?

Wer have done some covers in the past i guess we don’t have any thoughts about covering songs at this time.

10 have you ever say that”ı wish do this song ”?

No not really.

11 what do you know about of turkey?have you ever know any turkish group?

from what we see on myspace you are a growing and interesting scene, may your black flames reach new heights in 2009

12 thanks for interview in the name of blackmetaltr. org. Do you want to say any thing to us?

On behalf of Gehenna
Thanks for your support , Hail Satan! Regie Chaos!
Dirge Rep
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BlackmetalTR - Gehenna
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