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 BlackmetalTR - God Seed ( Gorgororth )

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - God Seed ( Gorgororth )   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:49 pm

Your aim to spread with the band; anti christianity chaos and destruction i mean the whole black metal conseption you you think you’ve succeed this and made your own propaganda well?

My personal agenda is to spread ideas which will lead to change. Most of all for the individual. I guess we have opened some eyes uptill now. I have never been so much into the destructive part myself. I m more into personal growth than anything else. One should aim to reach the highest of ones potential, and fight against all forces that try to sabtago you and make you mediocre. What I have been
part of so far has lead to lots of controversy. I dont think my views or art would change the world order. I would be stupid claiming something like that.

I am more occupied reaching my own goals than others in the end.

I wonder what is the most influencive theme for you when you are writing lyrics for the band.what gives you the highest black metal feeling? Which word/idea represents the magical black metal art for you?

I m not writing lyrics for my bands. I prefer to share my views through interviews instead. I never was very poetic. I know how to make music and I have my opinions on the world order.

This maybe a classical question but which song do you think reflects the band’s ideology best?

I`m not sure. I have personal favorites, but I have problems speculating in what song represents the whole agenda in itself.

I am wondering your opinions about the 4 big religions and do you think a person who belongs to a celestial religion would make black metal?

Black metal is an art form where one spread a satanic agneda channeled through metal music. I dont view any form of extreme music as black metal without a Satanic approach to it.

The current line up is Gaahl and you.There will be any members to join you in the near future and will Teloch keep performing in the concerts as a session member?

It seems like you are not aware of the fact that me and Gaahl no longer present our art through the banner Gorgoroth. We will from now on present our art and ideas through our new name God Seed. We are currently working as a duo, but Teloch is of course part of our team. He has been the steady one for years and I view him as part of our band. Infernus got Gorgoroth for himself now with new members I hope he is able to continue what we ve used years on developing. I m sure he will succeed.

Your live shows are pretty extreme…Did they cause any BIG troubles up to now? Or any serious threads from the religious formations?

We have had problems in the past. Shows being cancelled because of local authorities complaing, christians in front of the venue shouting with banners etc. there have been minor probelms one can say, but nothing we havent managed to control easily.

Which band do you think is the “worst” and “shameful” in the black metal scene and what other bands you like and feel closer to your ideology?

I don`t view myself as part of any scene. I leave to others to present their music and ideas, and I also leave it up to others to have an opinion about it. I`m not closer to Waitain and Darkthrone than David Bowie and Kate Bush concerning my views on life and art. Thats probably a lie.. I m probably closer to David Bowie on my views on music and art.

So you are not into traditionally classified and uniformed black metal scene then?

Thats just a clothing line. Anyone can wear leather and have a darkthrone patch on their backs. It doesnt make my views or personality simular theirs. I find as many interesting individuals inside as outside the metal scene.

What do you know about Turkey? And do you think there would be a real black metal scene in the so called “islamic dominant” countries like Turkey?

I never been to Turkey and don`t know anyone who lives there. I guess it would be possible to make satanic metal music in Turkey as well, even though I don`t know any bands from Turkey myself.

What does “satanism” mean to you? All conceptions against dogmatic religious views and a way to chaos or mostly a goat worshipped ritualism that is closer to occultism?
Do you really believe in a creation with horns on his throne or is it just a represantative for you?

This is a very big topic for me. It contains all my views on the world order. I dont believe in universal truths. All moral and values are not constant. It leads down to some sort of chaos the strong ones will rise up from. The weak ones will not be able to live according to this and need their surroundings organized through religion or doctrines. I will therefore be God. I have all qualities.

God posesses. I set the rules from god or bad. I am listening to the God within and the God in nature. I walk my path alone. Thats the essence in what I call Satanism. Satan is of course just a word which has a symbolic value to me. I never believed in a Christian force named Satan.
I set the rules for what is good and what is bad.

So you are not into the “satanism” that christians and old Roman Empire declerated as “satanism” all the ancient knowledge of Vikings, middle eastern know lots of books were burned by them and they eliminated all the alternative knowledge to theirselves

I m fully aware they f.ex. banned the work of Aristotles till the 13th centuary when Thomas Aquinas christianed him. Human thoughts has always been. I guess Epikur 2500 years ago had lots Satanic ideas already back then. Satanism through Lavey etc. is mainly recycled ideas on world order and human interaction. I never believed in pure evil nor pure good. My persona is made of both hate and love.
People who claim to only belive in bad are just lost in stereotypes anyway. Just childish and uninteresting for me.

So you don’t think that black metal and satanism is pure negativity?

Whats negative for ones mind is not for the others. I don`t see hate as a negative force. I see it as something that might provoke change and into something that can be classified as good. I m into buliding myself to my highest potential; being the super man if you will. Being dysfunctional and wanting others bad without any reason for it is not what I m representing.

Do you think black metal must be a wellknown music style to spread the satanic propaganda and to irritate people to cause chaos or do you think it must be mostly “abstruse” and be always one step behind due to it’s nature?

Black metal needs to be the voice of truth and it should be a voice against all false Gods.
The truth is eternal and will never be one step ahead or behind.

So, here is a short question.What will happen after you’re death? What’s your opinion about the cosmic universe and it’s certain rules like life&death? You agree that “death is certain life is not”?

I don`t know what happens after death..neither do I care. Epikur said it rather well :”Death doesn’t concern me. When I am death is not present, and when death is I am not present.”

So, my questions are over.Any words you want to spread for black metal maniacs?

The new and first God Seed album will hoppefully be in stores late this year. I’m very satisfied with the result so far. Make sure to check it out when its out!!

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BlackmetalTR - God Seed ( Gorgororth )
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