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 BlackmetalTR - Darkthrone

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Darkthrone   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:40 pm

1- What did darkthrone tell us over 30 years? What was Darkthrone’s propaganda ?

To sum it all up since our start in 1987, it must be that we support underground sound quality and that we mainly have held war against modern metal. And get the WHIPLASH demos now, everybody

2- Darkthrone’s first name was “Black death”. Why was it chance? and what was the effects chancing the members?

i wanted to call my band PEST (black death in norwegian, this plague came to norway in the year of 1349 and wiped out half the population i think). but i was not sure if the rest of the world would understand that PEST meant black death. so i called it black death. i didn’t know about the american band called black death at that time. only the song with DESTRUCTION hehe. also, demo of black death was the first to use KITTELSEN motiveon the cover, 5 years before anyone else did it here in norway (using Kittelsen art became a norwegian 90s black metal trend)

3- What is reason you to making music?

it was a dream since i was a child to record albums. never to be on the stage, but to play heavy rock. i started dreaming about this in 74-75 i think. and it has been my only goal in life. what drives me is love for music and hate for modern metal and stupid attitudes in the metal “scene” (mostly all the stupidity started in 89-94. after that, it became even worse, hahaha)

4- What is your favorite old school metal groups?

from HIGH TIDE sea shanties album in 68/69 to ATTACKER battle at helm’s deep in 1985. in between this time i like a lot, so far maybe 400 groups but undoubtebly this era is what i will mainly check out for the rest of my life.
example of bands would be old scorpions, HAND OF DOOM (German hard rock 1979), Witchfinder General, Brocas Helm, Blessed Death, English Dogs, Accept (only up to balls to the wall), OSTROGOTH, ANGEL WITCH, the list could go on FOREVER and i mean that. and the term METAL is to stupid when one gets more and more knowledge about music, one sees that everything is connected to everything and the stooges was as important as wishbone ash to end up with a more metallic sound in the 80s. people who don’t see this must shut up and study rock history xxx years before they open their mouths again on the subject.

5- What do you listen except Black Metal?

atleast around 200 styles/subgenres. there are great music and shit music in every genre. but pure shit genres are modern R n B and eurotrance like scooter.there is nothing good in those genres i think.

6- Darkthrone started to recording punk music. What is the reason ?

well, we just did 2 punk cover songs, i think metal bands playing metal covers are boring and almost pointless. it is important to show people older styles when one plays covers. slayer also did a whole album of punk covers in the 90s i think. but we have fans from all over the globe, and every type of persons – all types of working class, bosses, lawyers, and all political “styles” also are fans of our band. it is because we are eternal oppressors, always supporting 80s underground sound on our records and that we don’t really play one style – our influences goes from rock’n roll from 50s 60s, 70s styles and 80s styles.

our new album has mostly ancient metal styles, but alot of new people don’t understand that when i make SPEED/NWOBHM style songs, these styles are a result of both main styles of the 70s, punk AND heavy blues based or progressive rock. people who do not understand this must study harder

7- Your new album “Dark Thrones And Black Flags” will release in October 2008. Can you give information about new album?

it will be a mix of THE CULT IS ALIVE and FUCK OFF AND DIE album, same sound but a little bit more traditional metal styles. in the 80s both venom and mercyful fate was black metal so this is also our world, it is where we belong

8- In the course of time saw decrease about ideas that you are satan. What is the reason do you think?

i am more successful than ever. satanism is for me the belief in self realisation. and i have fought to be succesful in my dualism (artist AND wildlife expert).

9- What is the problems for you about Black Metal’s first times and present times?

because in the 90s it was easy for everyone to get a famous band great/plastic sound. and that most weak people chose the FANCY sound. that means all the kids growing up in the 90s are met with a weak plastic proffessional metal sound. not true hard raw and crusty sound. they were met with a clean sound without soul. but the rebellion was there among a few of us. and also heavy metal rebellions like SLOUGH FEG and WOLF started the new millenium alongside more and more kids who turned their back on the plastic modern metal and again started to hail and to play the styles of BARBARIC 80s METAL. HAIL the 80s! hail the 2000s!

10- You think the new Black Metal groups are poser. Is there any new group that affecting you?

i like most new bands that play old styles of the 80s and 70s. but as i said in the song RAISED ON ROCK, too many people think that old school is 1993! and this year was the year that everyone made black metal a trend and also later with modern sound. hahahaha they don’t understand what is REALLY old school. the history of it all. it is ok when young people don’t understand this, some of them will grow older and finally understand. some will stop to play and work in a bank and just keep listening to modern shit metal. my big problem is when grown up men in the 30s still have music taste like a little cry baby with tribal tatttooos, haha! i am not in the market to sell alot of records to modern metal fans, i am making music for the small group of people that are on the path down history of metal.

11- What about Turkey? Do you know any Turkish BM group?

i only have one recording of MEZKARBUL (turkish pentagram). and i like SELDA, i love that 70s turkish artist

12- How is life passing in Norway? And what about forests? you like the forests.

i not only like it, i am well known for being an expert in the 1560 km2 of forest around oslo. as a matter of fact i am going with our main tv station here tomorrow to make program about one of the wild life reservoirs near oslo.
also CATO BEKKEVOLD, drummer of ENSLAVED is famous for wildlife here in Norway, but his domain is FISHING. both of us fight for reservation of wildlife through getting people to like and go out into nature. then these people will support the idea to save the forest, as they like it more. very simple, very effective.


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BlackmetalTR - Darkthrone
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