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 BlackmetalTR - Furze

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Furze   Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:39 am

1- Dark Hails..Firstly can you start to introduce Furze. What was the story about foundation of Furze?

meaning of FURZE is "goldthorn" in English. Well, GOLD is "best" and
thorn is "organic pain" AND "organic creation" at the same time...
Now, "best" refers to DEATH (religiously "death" stands above all
standards in the End).
To sum it up:
The mortals have
something to learn. No1 learns from No3 how to gaze at No2 during
his/her life. To understand this, put it in the context of our ever
evolving Triad lyrical concept.
Life started somewhere in time and
it ends somewhere in time, period. Wotan (another No 2 by all means)
understood this in Håvamål, that he will die one day. So one can say
that its ahead of other "religions" just by this insight alone. Note,I
didnt mention this example as an example of MY beliefs, I mentioned it
as example on religious insight. Just like Trident Autocrat, UTD,
Baphomet Wade or Sleipnir-Fascism are different insights ....

Musically we are not best. In Metal we are not best. That was NEVER the point.
to Reaper's FURZE is a religious experience, its not ABOUT death, its
that very representation in itself. Either you take heed or you just
ignore it.

2- You play all the enstrumans. When and why Frost started to play drums? Can we say that band isnt one man project or not?

04 we had the first reh before we recorded in Feb 05 his drums. FURZE
will allways be Reaper's expression. But great to get some help on
recordings on the spots where I come too short and have a vision which
needs specific hands to reach it..

Can you talk about your music and lyrics? What about your ideology?
There are no changes about chaos in your lyrics between your first and
last albums.

point is that the listener get something outta it. If you dont get
something different outta our different albums, well, fine by me.
Though it would be very strange. I believe so much in what I do that I
will continue FURZE for a long time. We have so much material but meet
no commercial standards, we rush nothing, we dont show our face in the
media to get fast known, we just continue our belives...I am an
individual No1 with sole rights to express No 3 - ever yearning
learning of No 2. Black Furzing Metal/the Triad can be described as a
"steady schizo horror" drama with musical infuences of Doom , Thrash
and Black Metal...

[size=9]4- Can you talk about creation times of your music and lyrics?

I have alot of stuff, but recently I took driver's licence bought car
and am starting a small folkloric vintage shop for children here in
Oslo mid December 08 (first comming Monday actually) so the new album
the comp album is a bit delayed. All (car shop) this will just make
FURZE more easy to run on a longer term. I can travel and bring things
easier to record etc...

Furze released 7 demos 2 eps and 3 albums if I have no mistake. What
are changes between your first demo Necromanzee and last album UTD?
What do you think about strides in your music?

Necromanzee demo has a dumpy charm, UTD has a dark charm to it....

66 - You release last album UTD with Candlelight records label. Are you satisfied from Candlelight Records? What were influences about changing label?

like I thought, its easier to have all the things just like you want on
a smaller label. Like details in the cover etc. The album itself was
recorded before I signed

7- You generally write your lyrics in English. But you seldom use norwegian in your songs as Djerve Djevel . Do you think release an album with only norwegian lyrics?

No, but there are other unconvetional plans on this subject...

8- You play drums in Exitium from Norway. How is going with Exitium?

I played drums one gig in 2001 - thats it - nothing after that.

9- Do you have another projects?


10- What about Furze in the future? Are you working on a new album? What about concerts etc.
Gigs are thanked no to, I dont have to repeat these things..

YES, the new album and the comp album...extremely satisfying material...
keeping low profile though, dont wanna see anyone snapping my ideas like before.
Some bands like to snap the THEME and make it look like they wrote about it, in different way, before you.
It will Furze, of course...

11- What about Black Metal scene nowadays? Which bands do you support?

I dont know....Im so focused on new FURZE stuff so.

12- What is your favorite bands from old school?

Black Sabbath track, ST VITUS, SARCOFAGO, ANEKDOTEN, (Posford's 95-97
era)HALLUCINOGEN, ... etc etc etc

13- What do you know about Turkish metal scene?

rememeber Ozzy contacting me (someone calling himself Ozzy at least)
from a zine down there (hi! ) and remember the band Pentagram
Thanx! Else about Turkey...I visited Alanya in August 1994 , it was very crowdy...

The Reaper / FURZE
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PostSubject: Re: BlackmetalTR - Furze   Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:14 am

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BlackmetalTR - Furze
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