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 BlackmetalTR - Endstille

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Baş Zebani

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Endstille   Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:32 am

-You announced you will enter the studio and title will be "Verführer". Is
there a surprise in the album.

Yes. We've already entered the studio. The recordings are going well.
Maybe there will be some suprises, because the CD will be much more
atmospheric and there will be a couple of slow songs on it. Of course you
won't miss the fast ones, because there will be also many fast songs on
"Verführer". Also there will be a new Monotonus song on it.

-You have a split with Graupel, are you going to appear in another split
albums with another bands? Which bands would you like to appear with?

Nothing is planed so far. We just did this one split album, because the
guys of Graupel are friends of us and we really like there music. I think
one split is enough. But I don't know what the future will bring, maybe we
will do another split with another band again. We'll see...

-Is there any track that you say "we should have recorded it!"

I don't know exactly what you mean. A track of another band, which i like
so much, that i would say: why didn't we write that song before them? if
that is your question i would say no. There are a lot of songs of other
bands i really like, but i think it's good that they recorded them,
because Endstille always sounds different than other bands and we always
did our own thing.

-What is your opinion about the "cover"? Is there any track that you want to

No. It's the same thing like in the question before. It's good what other
bands did, but Endstille doesn't need any cover-songs.

-Is there any band that you got impressed by? Do you share with us?

I think everyone of us is impressed by the 80's Thrash Metal Bands from
Germany, by the early Black Metal bands and we like the oldschool Death
Metal bands a lot.

-What is the situation of German Black Metal scene? And what do you think about nowadays Black Metal?

I think Germany's Black Metal scene is quite big. There are a lot of Black
Metal bands here in Germany, also some very good ones. So keep your eyes
open and check some german bands out.
Black Metal today is sometimes a bit annoying i think, because there are
so many bands out there who are spending more time in being true instead
of trying to make good music. Image is not everythig, the music is much
more important!!!!

-Do you know anything about Turkish bands?

I'm honest... no. I never got in touch with Turkish bands. Maybe i will
check some bands out later.

-Your last words to BlackmetalTR members...

Fuck Hell und gute Nacht
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BlackmetalTR - Endstille
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