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 BlackmetalTR - Craft

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Ba Zebani

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Craft   Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:01 am

-Firstly, who is Craft and what
is the reason to start music?

Craft is me (Joakim) and John on guitars
and Nox on vocals. Currently we also have the help of Dirge Rep on drums
and Alex on bass. We also get help from Bjrn of Carnal Records for
backup vocals, but currently we are only three full-time members and
that is me, John and Nox. The band was started by our former drummer
and I in late 1994 because we wanted to create some unholy black metal.

-You were known as Nocta until 1998 and you recorded one demo but
that was not released, what were events in this era?

We recorded two demos as Nocta actually.
The first one was recorded around 1997 and was not released because
it didn't turn out the way we wanted it. In 1998, right after we recorded
the second one, the band was put on hold since John and our old drummer
both moved to other towns to study music. In 1999 we put these tracks
on side B of our “Total Eclipse” demo. During these early days we
only rehearsed a lot, drank a lot of alcohol, took some drugs, and engaged
in antisocial behavior which I don't want to go into specifically.

-Who compose the songs and who write the lyrics?

I write the songs and the lyrics,
mostly. Lately, John has started to write some riffs to the band as

-What was the reason of leaving of Daniel Haln who was drummer
of the band?

He wasn't committed to our friendship
or Craft anymore, so we asked him to leave.

-Your music's definition is different, how do you explain your music?

We play second wave black metal mixed with rock music and doom elements.
The rock elements have gradually gotten more dominant in the music.
I'd still classify our music as black metal, definitely, but we don't
sound as obviously black metal as we used to. We play unholy rock music.

-What do you think about Underground scene? Why did you prefer to
stay underground for 15 years?

We didn't plan anything. We never
did any big decisions on where we wanted to go with Craft, we just do
black metal and see where that takes us. I think we're still underground
because we don't play super-produced, clicky-bass-drum-sounding metal
or play live. We have no real desire to stay underground just for the
sake of it, but this is what we do and this is how we sound. It's not
mainstream so I guess that's that. We don't really care either way,
I think. We could play in other bands and do other projects to get that
out of our systems if we wanted.

-Could you tell me how Bjrn included to Total Soul Rape? He was
session member.

Bjrn is on all our releases, but
he doesn't have the time or the interest to become a full-time member.
He does the high pitched haunted voices on all our releases. We needed
a vocalist for our 1999 demo tape - that was before Nox joined - and
we asked him because we knew him superficially at the time and had heard
his other band.

-How did you come to an agreement with Carnal Records?

He was in a local band called Demonizer
and we needed vocals on our demo since I didn't want to do the vocals,
so I asked him if he wanted to do some session vocals. He said yes,
and offered to release the demo through Carnal Records which he just
started together with Shamaatae, which was good for us because we didn't
really enjoy the idea of copying 200 tapes and spending our days at
the post office. Back then, Carnal Records was more of a underground
distribution thing more than a label so we didn't release our first
albums through him, but when “Fuck the Universe” was going to be
released and our cooperation with Selbstmord hadn't turned out as we'd
hoped we though we should help him out in establishing his label. We
sign for one album at a time with Carnal Records and we are good friends,
which is both positive and negative. The most positive thing is we can
trust him and he doesn't make promises he can't keep. Carnal Records
is a very good label, although very underground, which has its good
and bad aspects.

-You did not make an album for 4 years, what are your new projects?

We just didn't release an album for
4 years because we've had an incredibly amount of practical problems
with the band. First, the problem with our old drummer required a lot
of reflecting and energy, and we've had a lot of problems with the recording
equipment so “Void” has been delayed for about a year. For a while
we weren't even planning on releasing anything more. Now we're recording
“Void”, and it's probably done in March. After “Void” is done
I'll start writing for the next album. I feel like doing a more violent
album now.

-Could you tell me how Dirge Rep joined to Craft? Tell me about that

He contacted us in early 2008. We
didn't know each other before, but he's told me he'd planned on contacting
us for a while. He's been into Craft for some time and we're very glad
he contacted us because he fits right in. I have been in contact with
him through mail, chat and phone for about a year until I met him in
Norway when recording the drums and he's a great guy. These days we
pretty much keep in daily contact.

-What do you think about nowadays Black Metal? Is Black Metal okay
or true according to you?

I can't really give an updated opinion
on current black metal because I don't keep track of it any longer.
Besides a few bands that I have discovered in the last few years (Koldbrann,
Throne of Katarsis) I don't know anything about anything. Black metal
as a subculture no longer interest me.

-Do you know any Black Metal band or stuff from Turkey?

No, sorry.

-What do Craft do out of music career? Could you tell me about Craft's
normal life?

We're just a bunch of fucked up guys,
through years of horrible experiences, traumatized since birth. Really,
we don't have normal lives.

-Thanks for interview, what do you want to say to Black Metal TR

Fuck the world!
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BlackmetalTR - Craft
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