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 BlackmetalTR - Belphegor

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Belphegor   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:31 pm

1- Thanks for accept us. Firstly give some information about Belphegor’s biography?You have been this scene since 1992.

Its a pleasure bro. Well, to becoming mightier, more intense with every opus has always been our aim since end of 1992, we all have exercised a lot on our instruments the last years, to improve our playing and compositorical abilities, raise intensity and dynamics, to just get better in all musical aspects,…stagnation = death.
The most important thing is, that when you play a BELPHEGOR album - song, you immediately recognize that it is BELPHEGOR

2- There are some differences between Belphegor’s first time and now.For example your music has been harder and faster. Can you talk about this?

BELPHEGOR formed end of 1992 with the intention to create some of the most brutal and extreme music possible, we never changed our style drastically, we developed from album to album and explored the sound.

3- Actually Belphegor is founded that named Betrayer in 91. Betrayer’s type was death-thrash. In same year band was release a demo that named Kruzifixion. But then band changed it’s name and type. Why did band changed type?

There was another band around with that monicker in the beginning of ninties, so we changed into PURGATORY, same problem har har and then into BELPHEGOR. Musicwise, I dont compare albums, we talk about music, each time and album we give our best,….i combine every album with a certain period of life, if you know what i mean. On BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE we tried a few new things, trying to take our sound a bit further each time, and worked more than hard on us to try to raise intensity and dynamic, …have a listen and destroy yourselves.

4- In your concerts you play very faster and harder than your album records.It makes listeners as orgasm. What about this?

Yeah, BELPHEGOR in a live situation is kinda TNT, i think we are really intense and always concentrate on the blastbeat tracks, u know, people should come to our live shows, to experience the real shit firsthand har har…

5- Who is your cover’s desingner? Harmony that between your music and cover is really good.

Yeah the lyrical content just has to always fit the cover, photo, booklet art and melt the whole into a cold unit and give the brutal music some extra Kraft.
We worked with several ingenious artists last years, Ralph Manfreda ( Vienna ) BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE 2007, GOATREICH FLESHCULT 2004,
THE LAST SUPPER 1995, Graal (Poland ) LUCIFER INCESTUS 2003, Seth ( Greece) PESTAPOKALYPSE VI 2006.

6- Can you talk about creation times of your music and lyrics?Who is the creative of your lyrics?

Basically the lyrical concept of our latest album BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE deals with the fascinating life of the Marquis De Sade.

I´m more than impressed since 1997 by De Sade as i get my hands on 120 Days Of Sodom, Justine or Julliette etc, I really recommend this scripts.

Also his live was very impressive, I used many of his original verses for the album, he was a rebel and was in jail about 25 years for his art, ideals and even that long he took refuge, he always refused to kneel down. The message is clear, its about rebellion in man, free will and to take your own decision, walk your own path,….in my opinion freedom is the most important thing in life.

Btw. the flagellation at the end of the track THE RUTENMARSCH is not fake and we used original verses from Donatien Marquis De Sade ( 1740-1814 ) and as always, one very important sentence from F.W. Nietzsche ( 1844-1900 ). The last spoken words “…drown me in your fukk, drown me”, are perfect and blackest poetry to me

7- You changed your production as Nuclear Blast. What are the advanteges for you?

Sure, Nuclear Blast is up to now the best and most professional label which we’ve had the pleasure to work with,
its an important thing to have a good company behind you who gives support.
We have been in the scene since 1992 and we are continuing to do what we have always done: to play intense concerts and unleash real Metal.
BELPHEGOR never was a commercial band, so what should i say, we´ll do what we always do, to keep the evil spirit in metal music alive,….to give the die-hard brothers and sisters ultimate hell har har.

8- You release a new album Bondage Goat Zombie. It’s sound is very destroyer. What are the ideas for new album?
I like Sexdictator Lucifer song much. Can you tell how was it created?

Thanks for liking the album. Well, I’ve bunkered myself with Serpenth and session drummer Torturer into our rehearsal room, we continued to develop and refine the songs over and over again. Never before have we spent so much time in the rehearsal room, and never before have we put so much energy in our new material.

We worked for months day and night on the album, on every detail, the variation is one of the strong points of it.

BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE is such a huge evolutionary step for this band in terms of sound, songwriting and the musicianship. i´m really proud of it.

9- There is a trouble for bands about changing members. What about yours?

Yeah, it’s not easy to find hundred percently dedicated musicians, who like to be on the road and spend many time in the rehersal room,
studio and for who the band is on the first place,…we demand a lot.
But we always recruit experienced musicians to gurantee the brothers and sisters an intense
BELPHEGOR live inferno. As I already mentioned, it’s not a big deal, we are on the road the whole year,
the core is goddamn solid and ready to kick some serious ass, thats all u need to know.

10- If someone hear somewhere Blackened Death, appear a lamb on their’s mind as Belphegor. Do you believe you give most hopes to listeners or most important thing is your hopes about music?

Our philosophy is to develop the evil spirit, the morbidity, the Schmerz u know, always want to offer ourselves the best,

and also the demons who buy our albums and who support us with that, they deserve the best, only the fukking best.

MUSICK - SATHAN - ART, It is Belphegor to the bone, we always blasted the brutal Metal of Death, with aggressive Black Metal influences.
U know, when listening to BELPHEGOR it should be about having a good time, summoning your demons and being prepared for musical attack.

11- What do you think about Black Metal bands of nowadays?which one you always support?

Of course, there are so many talented and amazing bands out there. Metal musick will always be here and live forever, fukk the trends.

Nowadays Death/ Black Metal rules the world and is the strongest, the most archaic of all kinds, we always have to search for evolution and explore the music,

and bring it a bit further each time. Musick = Blood = Sex = Passion = Live.

12- What do you know about Turkish scene?Do you know any band from here?


13- Thanks for your patience. Finally what do you want to say Turkish Black Metal scene and BlackmetalTR’s members?

Well, thanks for the space Destroyer, see ya on the road, hails to ya readership. Hail Metal! Hail Death !

Throw thy horns Metal brothers and sisters, BELPHEGOR are back to skull-fuck you.

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BlackmetalTR - Belphegor
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