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 BlackmetalTR - Dagor Dagorath

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Dagor Dagorath   Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:31 am

1-What is the story about foundation of Dagor Dagorath? Give information about DD’s past?

1- Of course we give. Till Dagor Dagorath was found, Mizgir, Vorog and
me had been participating in another project, having played in
completely different style of metal. But due to the misunderstandings
with the other band-members, we were made to leave that band and
finally to create a new one, where we could be able to express our
emotions and desires. So, Dagor Dagorath began its existence.

2-What do you mention in your lyrics? Give some information about DD’s substance.

2- The lyrics of our demo differ a lot from our début-album, as so as
the music style. But the main line may be still mentioned, mainly our
songs about War. If the demo was full of the ancient fights and
battles, as much the new album is pierced with the War calls, not as
much with that, what surrounds us, but with ourselves.
We’re trying to underline the theme of self-confidence and
self-impatience, the will to change things and develop ourselves, not
to wait until water will make its way under the stones.

3-What is Dagor dagorath’s mean? Give some information about it’s story.

3- The Dagor Dagorath, Sindarin for ‘Battle of Battles’ or ‘Final
Battle’, is an event described in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. As this
name suited the most to our conception, we made a decision to keep it.
And surely we should admit, we all are fans of the Great Professor

4-How did DD include Larion to it’s staff?

4- During the recording process of our CD, Vorog decided to concentrate
himself on the guitar, and the band began the searching of the
lead-vocalist. We had auditions with many of them, but none suited us.
Through our friend we got to know Larion and she had a will to try
herself on this role. We had nothing against that, though we hadn’t any
thought to find namely a female-vocalist, as we always worked with
male-ones. And at the very first rehearsal with Larion, we understood
she is what we need…

5-Do you give information about your music?

5- Our CD sounds as Symphonic Black/Death metal generally, but we had
no idea to chain ourselves in some borders. I think every fan of the
extreme music will find something in this album. We kept the folklore
coloring, which was fully represented by the demo, also some
electronics, rock ‘n roll were added…and many more, so get ready for

6- Do you give information about your debut album Yetzer Ha’ra?

6- The album Yetzer Ha’ra is our début and that’s why it’s so important
for us. It’s so to say our introduction to the world, and as follows-
the reason of our hard and long-time work. At the moment all records
are finished, and we mix the album at the different places to reach the
best possible result. I ensure you, Yetzer Ha’ra won’t cause the

7- Which concert do you think introduced you?

7- I take for that kind our last concert in Jerusalem. Though there
were no crowds present, the atmosphere and the feedback of the audience
were great, and it gave us the possibility to make a nice live

8- What do you think about DD’s future?concerts, album etc.

8- As for me, everything just starts for Dagor Dagorath, and as soon as
we finish Yetzer Ha’ra, we will work on the more intensive label
search. Then we hope to have as many as possible live gigs, including
abroad tours. And of course too keep on creating new stuff.

9- What is your favorite bands? Old school and others..

9- The favorite bands of mine (I don’t dare to speak for all
DD-membersJ) are Anorexia Nervosa, Dark Fortress, Dimmu Borgir, Keep Of
Kalessin, Belphegor, Dissection, Hecate Enthroned, Urgehal and many
more, I mentioned the most favorite. From old stuff I listen to Iron
Maiden, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions and Guns n’ Roses…

10- Do you know any Turkish BM band?

10- Of course I know several bands, and one of the most appreciated by
me is Episode 13. They play nice music and we keep in touch with the
guys. So we hope someday to see them in Israel and ourselves in
TurkeyJJ that would be wonderful. Also I am acquainted with the work of
Black Omen. Their last records are very nice.

11- And what about Black Metal in Israel? Fans, supports, etc.

11- The Israeli Black metal scene is very weak yet. At the moment not
more than 5 bands exist. But I hope everything’s is just at the
developing position. There are fans here, but yet we don’t have enough
of their strong support due to the long pause in live performing of DD.
So we are on the way to approve ourselves on the Stage and we surely
gonna make it!

12- Finally, what do you want to say to BlackmetalTR’s members?

Thanks for the interview. I hope we’ll be able to visit Turkey soon and
make a gig there. And also visit our myspace page, to be informed of
all the news happening in our destructive world of - Dagor Dagorath
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BlackmetalTR - Dagor Dagorath
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