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 BlackmetalTR - Naer Mataron

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Baş Zebani

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Naer Mataron   Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:25 am

1- Firstly how did band start to Black Metal?

Back in 1994 , we had the need to create a black metal band which will echo different in the Hellenic scene .
2- What is Naer Mataron’s ideology?

The ideology of Naer Mataron is simple OLD FASHION ANTICOMERCIALBLACK METAL .
3- What does Naer Mataron mean? Why did you choose this name?

It is taken from the ancient Sumerian mythology , its Hades .It was
common at that period to be inspired from Sumerian culture like Tiamat,
Marduk , Absu did .
4- Can you give information about creation times of Naer Mataron’s music and lyrics?

I am not the type of guy who practice his guitar all day , in order
to create a song I need feeling and only that moment is the right one
to compose music .As far as the way I write the lyrics I am inspired
from my every day life .
5- Describe Black Metal as a Bm band.

I am still a fan of the black metal music and I buy many cd`s every
month , I watch black metal as a fan , so and the band works according
to this idea .
6- What was reasons to chancing members?What do you think about Naer Mataron’s stuff now?

This is the curse for every band to change members , after many
years of working many people loose their interest in creating .So it is
common sense that this people actually set themselves out of the band.
May this sound typical , but this is the best line up we ever had .

7- What is the most affective thing in ancient Greek mythology for you?

In order to make you understand my biggest influence I will answer
to you by a question . Why all the ancient movement was gathered in the
Mediterranean region ?In a period of 3000 -4000 years great capitations
were born like Mycenae , Minoan Crete , Egyptians and Sumerian’s.
8- What about Black Metal in Greece?

The truth is that I was never a fan of the Greek scene , imagine
that our first demo was not distributed in Greece .I remember that all
bands wanted to sound like Rotting Christ this was so boring although
today I think that you can find a few good bands , we lack in a good
label which will be able to support the greek
underground scene .
9- Naer Mataron’s new album Praetorians was out on March. What is your listeners response?

The album was actually released in the end of May and early June in
America . We had really good reviews except from the German metal
maybe this guy hate us ( ha ha ha ).
10- Which album do you think best for Naer Mataron?

My favorite album now is for sure the “Praetorians “ ,I listen to
that all the time .Before this album I really loved “River at dash
scalding “
11- What do you think about religions?

I respect the traditional religions like European paganism, Hinduism
and Shamanism the religions which have as purpose to illuminate the
human mind .I detest the rest religions which have the same east root
and they aim to stupefy man .Naer Mataron fight to dethrone them
12- Finally What do you want to say BlackmetalTR’s members?

Support the bands who they are guided for their passion for black
metal and not those who have an urge for the money Destroy them!!!
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BlackmetalTR - Naer Mataron
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