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 BlackmetalTR - Abigor

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Abigor   Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:23 am

-Abigor had 16 years former and
place incontrovertible in black metal history.what did you live in that
time?how did abigor pass in this period?

It was differnt in all cases; bands and involved people tried to bring
change through art and actions; extreme music and extreme mental
attitudes counted, not a big label, and a ridicolous masquerade
combined with poor music as nowdays, that was the main and in my
opinion most important differnce if I look back to the 90s. However,
time brings changes, and time definitly changed, the genre and of
course ABIGOR. I guess ABIGOR survived well throughout the last 16
years withouth betraying ourselves, however, there’s no need to look on
the past all the time why don’t you hold for the great things to come?!

-Fisrt times you continued same line but after time you
changed your music line and shat is the reason?did you want to try
different things or own musical choosen?

Why should be copy ourselves from record to record? We never set us
any limits and it’s an aim to step over the line with ABIGOR…
-Frequently you changed group volunteer so how did this fact effect you?

We didn’t change the line-up too much at all. The soul of ABIGOR is
TT and myself, so at least some vocalist change from time to time
didn’t have any effect on the band itself… Now it’s AR, and I guess
he’s the best and most dedicated singer we had so far.
-Did you find last record what you want success?and ı heart
that your last record didn’t success like past records.what do you
think about it?

We dindn’t have any really execptions for Fractal Possession. ABIGOR
was dead for 3 years, AR joined the band, the material is very complex
and technical, it needs time to find a way to it, but at we had great
success with the album. The reviews were great and people reponded very
positive on it, of course, not all didn’t understand it, ABIGOR isn’t
the same anymore, that’s a fact, but as said, change and the step of
the edge is what we want/and need, so that’s the spirit behind it.
-You be in black metal world for a long time so do you want to make out a best of?

ABIGOR became more and more personal through all the years, nowdays
it’s our tool for expression and realization of extreme thoughts and
views based on our satanic believe, as long we’re dedicated we’ll
continue our work, no matter of time…
-How is the black metal market in Austria?

I don’t know, alot of bands, some labels and distributions… None of us is involved in what you would call “scene”.
-What do you think about nowadays black metal?

Some good bands, some crap, just as always…
-What do you think about underground black metal?

Personally I listen to everything I like, no matter if it’s
Underground or mainstream. How do you define Underground nowdays? Silly
16 years old Black-Metal in their rooms, at mom’s house, trying to be
evil? Fuck that…
-What is your the best black metal group or record?

I don’t have a specific band or record, but a few are for example…
MARDUK’s Plague Angel, or BURZUM’s Det Som Engang Var, also the THORNS
Demos are classics for me, or even FUNERAL MIST’s releases are that
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BlackmetalTR - Abigor
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