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 BlackmetalTR - Eternity

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Eternity   Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:15 am

1- Firstly thanks for accepting us to make interview with you. Eternity is an active black metal band from 94. Shall we talk about foundation of Eternity?

ETERNITY was founded by Forcas (former vocalist) and me (on drums) in 1994 and the line-up was completed when Diabolus (guitar), Mammon (guitar) and Pazuzu (bass) shortly afterwards joined the band. From that day on we have released two Demo tapes, three split 7”EPs, a split CD/LP and two full-length albums and played quite a few successful gigs with bands like Ved Buens Ende, Dark Funeral, In the Woods, Dimmu Borgir(old), Watain, 1349, Inquisition, Shining, Corpus Christii, Ad Hominem, Secrets of the Moon, Horna, Kampfar, Lugubrum and so on. Today…the only two remaining members from the old line-up are Diabolus (guitar) and me (Basilisk) on drums. The others are Managarm (guitar), A.Krieg (vocals) and M.Alicious (bass) and our exclusive labels are Avantgarde Music from Italy (for CDs and other merchandise) and Blut & Eisen Productions from Germany (when it comes to vinyl releases).

2- Over 94, increased popularity of black metal. What were reasons about this?

Yeah, I think the happenings in Norway and the consequential appearance in the major press attracted a lot of people and made Black Metal really popular.
Unfortunately most of the involved bands have lost their feeling, given away to a superstar attitude and it all ended up in a big sell-out!

3- Your last album is harder then “…and the Gruesome Returns with Every Night”album. It has speedy records, drums are more dominant and sprinkled a bit from old school. We can say that Eternity’s music is becoming hard?

Both albums are of the same dark and abyssic spirit but yes, maybe “Funeral Mass” is a bit more raw and straight forward and that is exactly the way we wanted it to be. By the way we don’t give a fuck on innovation and any modern sounds and trends, we simply play the music we like to listen to since the early days.

4- You have released 2 album 2 demo and 5 split since 94. Is there any reason intensify to make split?

There is no special reason but one thing I can say about our split releases is that we do only collaborate with bands and persons we respect and to which we have good relations…

5- And what about live performances? Are you satisfied about comments your listeners? They approve your live surprises or not?

We do not care at all, for us playing live doesn’t mean playing for other people! Of course there are people at our gigs but we first play to release darkness and our performances are never funny or pro-life. Playing live also allows us to bring hell closer to the audience, we’re grabbing their souls so to speak.

6- Your lyrics are generally in English. Do you think release an album which has only German lyrics?

No, we don’t think to release an album with only German lyrics, at least not with ETERNITY as it would not fit into our concept. But some of us (including myself) are involved in another band called WOLFSMOND where we use German lyrics exclusively. If someone wants to check WOLFSMOND out do it here:

7- Can you give information about creation times of Eternity’s music and lyrics?

We only work on new songs and lyrics when we feel truly inspired and motivated and our labels give us all the time we need. In fact, we are working as long as necessary for our music!

8- What do you want to say about Black Metal bands nowadays? Now talk about Black Metal’s present state.

I am not very familiar with the current situation in the Black Metal “movement” because I do not deal that much with this topic. I am simply not interested in discovering any new bands as there are far too many (maybe with a few exceptions) which totally lack of seriousness, dedication and spirituality and that bores me to death! Sad but true!

9- What about Turkey and our bands? Do you know any band from here?

Sorry, I don’t know any bands from Turkey, can you recommend some?

10- Finally want to say something to BlackmetalTR’s members?

Triumphant we walk the path of the black flame!!!
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BlackmetalTR - Eternity
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