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 BlackmetalTR - Aura Noir

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PostSubject: BlackmetalTR - Aura Noir   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:23 pm

1 - Could you tell us about the history of Aura Noir?

We started out in 94-95 just me and Aggressor.We released our first album “Dreams like deserts” in 95 playing all instruments ourselves.For our first concert we needed a guitarist and we asked Blasphemer who had just joined Mayhem,and he has been in Aura Noir ever since.Because me and aggressor make all the music and can play all instruments ourselves and Blasphemer has been busy with Mayhem sometimes,he has not played rythm guitar on all our albums.But he will always be our guitarist.
In 96 we released Black thrash Attack on Malicious Records who ripped us off and still do.
We moved to Hammerheart Records(Now Karmaggeddon)and released Deep tracts of Hell in 98 and Released Damnation in 99.They ripped us off too and still do…the even released a compilation album some years ago called Deep dreams of Hell without asking us or even giving us a copy.Stay away from those guys.Then we moved over to Tyrant Syndicate/peaceville where we released The Merciless in 2004 or 3 ?hmmm and Hades rise in 2008.

2 - Let’s go on with your first album; Dreams Like Deserts… How were the reactions about it? In another interwiev you said ”it is the best of its genre”. Was it for that time or is it still valid?

Haha the best of it’s genre?I think the truth is that when Dreams like deserts came out,it was the ONLY one in that genre except for Gehennah who released their hardrocker album almost simultaneously.But they were more rock’n roll,motorhead/venom-ish,while we were the first band in the black metal genre to release an obviously thrash metal inspired album.
Anyway the album was limited to 2000 copies only,and had a very good reception here in Norway.It was a very different time than now so people in the scene were very surprised to see our band photos with beerdrinking on the grave yard in an old german thrash metal way.But I mean all the bands that came out after the first wave of Norwegian black metal releases were more or less copying what darkthrone and mayhem and later immortal and emperor were doing,so we felt it was in order to tribute the old godly thrash metal releases in a black metal way.

3 - Will Blasphemer play countinuosly after leaving Mayhem? We’ve already know that you want him in the band… What can be the benefits of a musician like Blasphemer for the Aura Noir? Certainly he is a great guitarist.

I think I already answered this previously,but like I said,he is always welcome…also to contribute musically.Up till now me and aggressor has made 99% of the music but we already made arrangements that he will make stuff for the next album.
The benefits are:1 He’s ugly 2.He’s a fast learner 3.He is a great guitarist and not the typical composer.

4 - You were in silence for a while after 2004 and you released ‘Hades Rise’, could you tell us about the making proggression of this album??

Yeah,obviously it took a while for Aggressor to recover.I moved far away from Oslo up to the mountain area where and got some recording equipement so my basement is basically a studio now.When he had become fit enough to come up and visit me we started rehearsing/recording a couple of songs every 2-3 months or so.The first session we had was towards the end of 2006 I think.Doing everything ourselves was new to us,so we spent a little more time with technical shit than we will do next time.

5 - You’ve taken over the bass guitar in America, what is the latest news about Immortal? Have you recorded anything new?

(America??) We are just about to enter studio..We have recorded some preproduction stuff for ourselves only.It seems that finally the new album will be out sometime late 2009 with tours and shite to follow.

6 - All of us know that Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are clearly supporting you. Is this support motivating you to do better?

No,but we share musical upbringing,and like more or less the same bands/releases,so if they like what we are doing it’s more important to me than what any journalist writes.

7 - In general, black metal bands assume a hostile attitude to each other but it seems like you become a common point for all of them.You have no problems with others. What is the reason for this?

Haha u think we are the Motörheads of Black metal??? I wish..but I don’t know why..we tell everybody to piss off all the time.But I mean alot of musicians like Aura Noir.I think we’re bigger for musicians than a pure metal fan.

8 - Lots of your releases are ruined in different ways and companies went bankrupt…but you are still one of the legends? Was there an aim that you determinated for yourselves at the begining? And do you believe you completed your mission?

No really we just wanted to play a different kind of black metal than everybody else were doing.If that make us legends that’s fine..we still try to make it obvious that what u here is aura noir and nothing else..Luckily we don’t have millions of clones like darkthrone do so it’s fairly easy.
The mission isn’t accomplished until weve released our final album,but we’ve done enough ok stuff so I won’t be sad if I die tomorrow

9 - After the accident of Agressor, when you are in a search of drummers, I’d heard the name of Fenriz. What is the last condition about it?

I just said that we need to find a drummer for our live shows….and because Fenris doesn’t play live it will be hard to get one that fits perfectly.
Anyway we are playing with Jehmod of Bloodthorn now.We all know him from before cause he’s been both mayhem and immortal’s drum technician and he knows all our songs

10 - Do you know anything about Turkish Black Metal bands or about Turkey?

No, music…only mosques and footballteams and food and stuff

11 - What do you do generally in in your daily life? A personal question Smile

Not much..I live very desolate here and only work once a week so I spent a lot of time outside with my dog walking around in forests and mountains and shite…just like a “true” black metaller ..haha…but they all live in the cities.
Yeah and I’m working in my studio too.

12 - Thanks for spending time for answering my questions. I’m a “real” fan of your real and impressive music.

thank u too
my friend destroyer !!


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BlackmetalTR - Aura Noir
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